Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Automobile Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer
Each year nearly 2 million Americans are injured in automobile accidents. Not every car accident involving death, injury or property damage results in a claim or lawsuit. Not every accident should result in a claim. How do you know when to retain an attorney and make a claim and when not to make one? Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
New Jersey is one of only two states in the nation to use the Personal Injury Protection system, or PIP, which guides the handling of auto-accident-claims in the state. Read More >

Car Accident Lawyer
Modern 3D animation techniques are becoming more and more essential to the process of car accident reconstruction for the unprecedented level of detail they enable juries to see. An attorney can choose the precise angle to recreate the scene and demonstrate effectively how and why it occurred the way that it did. Read More >

Legal Representation
If you've been injured in a car accident in New Jersey, it's important that you speak with an automobile accident attorney who has experience in dealing with insurance companies. Statistics show that retaining a skilled car accident lawyer is proven to greatly enhance one's chance of successfully making a claim. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
If a family member were to be unfortunately injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to make what is called a “Loss of Consortium” claim. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
Bad weather such as snow or rain can make conditions more hazardous to drivers. Black ice alone causes more than 250,000 crashes per year. Black ice occurs when the Air temperature is colder than the ground and there is precipitation present. It is invisible and causes unsuspecting drivers to lose control. Read More >
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Automobile Injury Laywer

        Motor vehicle accidents cause the loss of time, property, health and even life. Such accidents occur because of elements including driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather. No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a prolonged struggle. Speaking with a lawyer can help you sort out your rights, your options and your future.
Automobiles Getting Safer But Still Dangerous
Camden County alone suffered over 4,000 injuries as a result of car accidents in 2011, one of the highest in the state according to the New Jersey Department of Transportation. Injuries from automobile accidents are far too common, inflicting untold pain and suffering on millions of people every single year. But, each one of those numbers isn’t just a statistic; they are a person, with a life and family and the damage done can have long-lasting effects.
Auto Accident Injury Attorney Camden County New Jersey
Getting into an accident can affect not just the person dealing with their injury, but their loved ones as well. Being hurt can severely disrupt one’s ability to perform at work, and in turn lead to a loss of employment. As anyone with a family knows, that greatly affects those with children in their capacity to provide for and maintain their lifestyle. How does one possibly quantify the damage such incidents cause?
Over 25 Years Experience Serving Camden County
The Law Offices of John Morelli has been assisting those injured in auto accidents in Camden County for over 25 years. Finding the right attorney after getting into a car accident can be an overwhelming process, as most people don’t seek out the assistance of a lawyer until they really need one’s help. But, if you’ve been in an auto accident and you are hurt, it’s best to obtain legal representation as quickly as possible. The longer you wait leaves less time available to fully pursue your claim.
Making a claim for an injury in Camden County involves starting the process through your auto insurance carrier. They will be involved in approving medical care, depending on the coverage that you have, and then communicating with your attorney throughout the claim process. Our firm has worked with all major carriers in New Jersey and has had success in pursuing personal injury claims brought from auto-accidents.
Increasing Cell Phone Usage a Cause for Concern
Auto Accident Attorney Camden County New JerseyA big concern for all drivers today is the ever creeping usage of cell phones. The majority of people today have some sort of mobile device on them at any given time, including when they’re in the car and driving. Studies have shown that using the cell phone while driving severely impacts one’s ability to pay attention to the road. Because of this, New Jersey is one of just ten states in the nation that maintains a ban on any and all cell phone use unless a hands free device is used while operating an automobile. Despite what the law says, according to the most recent statistics available, in 2010 there were 144 car accidents in Camden County directly as a result of cell phone usage, including over 40 with hands free devices.
If you were in an automobile accident where you believe the other driver was talking on the cell phone or texting, an attorney can file a motion to secure their billing records and see if they were on the phone or not.
Stay Informed
Car Accident Attorney Camden County New JerseyThat is why, when you are seeking to make an auto claim, it is important that you are well informed about the process which the State of New Jersey has laid out for all parties involved. We have made available certain resources which can hopefully begin to answer some of your questions about the current status in dealing with injuries from an automobile accident, which we recommend you take a look at here today:

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A Family Member of Mine Has Been Injured in an Auto Accident
Potential Criminal Ramifications of Car Accidents

But, it is important to speak with an attorney so that you can explore all of your options. Depending on the coverage available and the nature of each parties’ insurance, that will determine how we then proceed.
Contact an Attorney
Automobile Collision Lawyer Camden County New JerseyJohn Morelli has been fighting for his clients since 1981, working within the system to ensure that they receive the best possible representation available. If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident in Camden County and are looking to speak to an attorney, call 856-616-1300. Dealing with injuries as a result of a car accident can be a difficult process. Even if you just have a question or concern, call today to see if an attorney is right for you.

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