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The Law Offices of John Morelli is a New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm. We represent individuals who are injured in automobile accidents or workplace accidents; or injured by equipment or machinery; or through the negligent maintenance of property. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Injury Claims
New Jersey is a "No-Fault" state. This puts the burden on an injured person to produce medical evidence from a doctor that they have suffered an injury that is permanent in nature. Read More >

Slip Fall Injury Unsafe Conditions
Dangerous conditions for slip/falls can exist in not just crumbling curbs and steps and on snowy surfaces, but in nearly any business establishment if they are not properly maintained. Read More >

Injury Medical Exam
Remember that this is an exam for the purpose of stating that you are not injured, or that if you have a condition that it is not related to your accident. If this doctor is friendly, beware. Read More >

Manufacturers of products or machinery are held responsible for any damage caused by the products that they sell and place into the stream of commerce. Read More >

If you are injured in a car accident and only have the minimum coverage under a standard insurance policy for underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, regardless of how seriously you were injured, you will be limited to a $15,000 recovery. Read More >

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Mr. Morelli is an experienced trial attorney who has been actively appearing before juries since he was admitted to the bar in 1981.Read More >
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Personal Injury Legal Representation

        If you or a loved one has been injured, it can be a difficult and traumatic situation for all those affected. Everyone has trouble navigating the litany of legal, employment and insurance issues that may arise from such an unexpected incident. That is why, with today’s complicated legal world, it is important to have an attorney fighting for you.

Getting Compensation for Your Injuries

Personal Injury claims can be made based upon several different areas of criteria, including but not limited to; medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and a loss of earning capacity. Victims who have been injured due to the careless actions of another should know that they have a legal right to seek a recovery for the damages they sustained.
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A person, business, or any other entity that has been declared to be at fault for the injury of another is legally liable for any of the damages caused. As a form of restitution towards the victim, a monetary compensation can be awarded to remunerate the victim of their losses. Each case is different, though, and the specific options available depend of the circumstances involved and the nature of the injury sustained.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Personal injury lawyers can help ensure that their clients receive the maximum amount of damages recoverable by law. Some of the items for which injured parties are legally entitled to compensation include past and future lost wages; past and future medical expenses; damages for both physical and emotional pain and suffering, again both past and present; and damages for disfigurement.
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Sometimes, a close family member of the injured person, such as his or her spouse, may also be entitled to damages, often referred to "loss of consortium damages," which are intended to compensate the loved one for the loss of the injured party's services and companionship.

How Much of a Difference does a Lawyer Make?

If you’ve been hurt, it can be a difficult to decision to make; should you now contact an attorney and seek to file a personal injury claim? There are tangible benefits to hiring an attorney, as statistics show that those who retained a lawyer generally received much higher gross recoveries than those who did not. Some people choose to represent themselves, which is possible but not recommended.
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But stats show that people who represent themselves got much lower compensation than those with an attorney. Receiving less compensation means that it’s possible to not be able to fully cover any economic losses, medical expenses, or lost wages. The overall effect that an attorney has in getting their client’s properly compensated is quantifiable, particularly when insurance companies are involved.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

With 17,589 automobile accidents occurring each day, states like New Jersey have been forced to introduce a specific system into insurance to handle the plethora of auto injuries. PIP (Personal Injury Protection) was set up in the 1970’s to solely cover people who have been hurt in a car accident, paying for a portion of their medical care out of auto insurance. An attorney handling an auto accident case is able to make an injury claim for their client through PIP that will get the most out of the benefits available.

Slip, Trip and Fall Injuries

If you’ve been involved in a Slip and Fall injury, talking with an attorney is likely your best option. Let them know the exact nature of where, how and when you fell; where you were going and where you were coming from. It can be particularly difficult for an attorney handling a Slip/Fall-Premises Liability Claim, as most business owners are reluctant to give away any evidence that portrays them in a bad light. Without a skilled attorney, it can be almost impossible to pry any security videos, maintenance history, or repair records from business owners that would help prove your case.

Other Types of Injuries

Filing a claim against another person does not require that there be criminal charges against them as well. Injuring another person can be overt, such as through a direct assault, or through negligence and a failure to act, such as a landlord not properly maintaining a residence. Victims have the same rights as those who were injured in automobile accident, as long as an attorney is able to establish fault a victim should be able to seek a legal recovery for their damages.

Stay Informed About Personal Injury Laws

For anyone undergoing an injury claim, it’s important to talk with your lawyer and stay informed throughout the process. Anytime someone is hurt, there can be devastating consequences on their life. On average, an incapacitating injury causes over $70,000 in economic damages to a victim. A personal injury lawyer can empower their clients by giving them a voice. Before you start the process of filing your claim, make sure you take some time to read about what you can expect once your case is underway.

Personal Injury Attorney Cherry Hill New Jersey10 Things You Should Know Before Filing an Injury Claim
Here are some important things that all clients should be aware of before they decide to undergo a personal injury claim. Unless you are familiar with the law, you might be unaware of many things you will encounter. Read on>
Cherry Hill Lawyer AttorneyHow Long Will it Take to Settle my Personal Injury Claim?
There is a point at which all cases should wait until reaching a settlement. It's important that the attorney handling your case wait until the right time to make sure they get the best settlement figure possible. Read on>
Personal Injury Lawyer Cherry Hill NJ 08003Contingency Fees For Personal Injury Lawyers Explained
Lawyers in New Jersey are allowed to bill their clients through a contingency fee arrangement with their clients when handling a personal injury claim. Doing so allows an attorney to accept no upfront money in exchange for their services. Read on>
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Defense lawyers in injury cases have several arguments that they levy against almost all claimaints. It's important to know what they could potentially say to fight being liable for your personal injury claim. Read on>
Cherry Hill Injury LawyerWho Will Pay For my Medical Treatment During My Case?
You will likely still be receiving treatment while your case is ongoing. Prior to having the other party found as being “at-fault” for your injuries, hospitals and doctors nonetheless are going to want to get paid. How exactly do you get your treatment paid for? Read on>
Cherry Hill 08002 Personal Injury AttorneyA Guide to New Jersey Personal Injury Protection Benefits
New Jersey is a no fault state. That means that if you are involved in an automobile accident, your own automobile insurance company will pay for your medical bills. Personal Injury Protection Benefits allow victims to make a claim for injuries. Read on>

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