Car Accident Injury Lawyer

Automobile Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Lawyer
Each year nearly 2 million Americans are injured in automobile accidents. Not every car accident involving death, injury or property damage results in a claim or lawsuit. Not every accident should result in a claim. How do you know when to retain an attorney and make a claim and when not to make one? Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
New Jersey is one of only two states in the nation to use the Personal Injury Protection system, or PIP, which guides the handling of auto-accident-claims in the state. Read More >

Car Accident Lawyer
Modern 3D animation techniques are becoming more and more essential to the process of car accident reconstruction for the unprecedented level of detail they enable juries to see. An attorney can choose the precise angle to recreate the scene and demonstrate effectively how and why it occurred the way that it did. Read More >

Legal Representation
If you've been injured in a car accident in New Jersey, it's important that you speak with an automobile accident attorney who has experience in dealing with insurance companies. Statistics show that retaining a skilled car accident lawyer is proven to greatly enhance one's chance of successfully making a claim. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
If a family member were to be unfortunately injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to make what is called a “Loss of Consortium” claim. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Insurance Claims
Bad weather such as snow or rain can make conditions more hazardous to drivers. Black ice alone causes more than 250,000 crashes per year. Black ice occurs when the Air temperature is colder than the ground and there is precipitation present. It is invisible and causes unsuspecting drivers to lose control. Read More >
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Automobile Injury Laywer

        Motor vehicle accidents cause the loss of time, property, health and even life. Such accidents occur because of elements including driver error, negligence, manufacturing defects and dangerous weather. No matter what the specific cause or result, a crash can turn a normal day into a prolonged struggle. Speaking with a lawyer can help you sort out your rights, your options and your future.
Helping Residents of Monroe Township Stay Informed
For anyone who’s ever driven a car, the last thing you’re thinking about when you’re going about your day is what happens if you get suddenly get hurt. Who’ll pay your bills? What happens if you can’t work? Who will take care of your family if you’re unable to? People go about their lives, driving from here to there, largely unaware of the potential consequences these machines can have on their lives. But all cars are driven by fallible human beings who are prone to mistakes. As dismal as it may sound, as long as there are automobiles on the road, accidents will happen and people will continue to get hurt.
Monroe Township New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer
But, dealing with the results of injuries from auto accidents can be both confusing and overwhelming thanks to the litany of rules and regulations which attempt to define exactly who is responsible for what and why. Within an instant, one’s life can be greatly disrupted with a devastating injury. Finding out what to do and who to call next isn’t something most people are familiar with. That’s why, we’ve made some information available about these issues in an attempt to clear up certain aspects of dealing with automobile injuries.
Dealing with Auto Injuries in New Jersey
Out of all 50 states in the nation, on average New Jersey is the twelfth costliest state to buy auto insurance. For those who are purchasing automobile insurance, the average cost of an annual premium as of 2013 is $1,697. One of the reasons it has gotten so high for all drivers is because they are required by law to purchase a Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, plan as part of their policy. PIP was introduced in 1972 with the goals to create an established venue to pay the medical costs of people who have been injured in an accident. Should another vehicle strike your car and anyone in that vehicle get hurt, PIP provides that up to $250,000 of their medical expenses will be paid for out of your own auto-insurance.
While this sounds simple enough, auto insurance companies simply do not deal with their claims in the same ways that the health insurance providers do. Auto-insurance companies do not accept electronic medical billing and require the preapproval. It’s also common for auto insurance carriers to refuse to pay their bills or even force medical providers to retain legal representation just to get their invoices paid. This is why many medical practitioners in New Jersey state explicitly that they will not meet with persons who have been injured in a car accident, as they are concerned how they will be paid by auto-insurance companies.
If you were unfortunately injured in a car accident, its best to have an experienced professional, such as an attorney, assist in your dealings with the automobile insurance companies. All 50 states have their own laws and many make the process of filing your claim much easier, but in New Jersey it can be especially tough. With legal representation, you can help ensure you won’t get held responsible for crippling medical bills that can be exorbitantly expensive.
The Devestating Consequences of Auto Accidents
Nobody wants to deal with all of the issues that arise out a collision, from the nascent insurance red tape to vehicle repairs and, not to mention, bodily injuries. In an instant, everything changes and you have to deal with getting your car fixed, paying bills because you are unable to work, trying to get a doctor to treat you and dealing with the permanent consequences of your injuries. Everything would be fine if you could just walk away and be OK.
Auto Accident Injury Attorney Monroe Township New Jersey
But, what happens if you are not okay? What happens if you get into a car accident and just don’t feel right? Due to the delicate nature of spinal cord discs, it can take some time before you feel any discomfort or pain. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, the body releases adrenalin which can mask pain. But, if you do feel that pain, do not discount it as it might be the indicator of larger underlying problems.
If you have been hurt, it is best to contact an experienced automobile accident attorney so that you can properly make your claim. Depending on what type of insurance options you chose, a certificate must be filed by a physician that you have an injury within 60 days of filing a lawsuit. Time is also critical in the immediate weeks and months following an accident as well. That may be when untreated injuries can become permanent. An attorney can make sure you are seeing the doctors you need and aren’t getting pushed around by the insurance company, which will likely try to deny you care.
Further Reading
Car Accident Attorney Monroe Township New JerseyThat is why, when you are seeking to make an auto claim, it is important that you are well informed about the process which the State of New Jersey has laid out for all parties involved. We have made available certain resources which can hopefully begin to answer some of your questions about the current status in dealing with injuries from an automobile accident, which we recommend you take a look at here today:

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But, it is important to speak with an attorney so that you can explore all of your options. Depending on the coverage available and the nature of each parties’ insurance, that will determine how we then proceed.
Automobiles Getting Safer But Still Dangerous
Over the past 15 years there has been a clear trend in the decrease of the overall number of automobile accidents, with nearly 50,000 less accidents annually in the State of New Jersey than in the late 1990’s. Auto manufacturers have added safety features such as rearview cameras, motion sensing and self-parking cars which have lessened the burden placed on drivers while other technological advances, such as cell-phones and texting, have increased distractions.
But, still according to the most recent statistics, in 2011 nearly 65,000 people in New Jersey were reported as being injured as a result of an automobile accident. Car accidents remain the fifth most leading cause of death nationally despite many of these positive trends, and will likely remain so for some time.
Dealing with Auto-Insurance after an Accident
For the most part, when you are injured in a car accident caused by the fault of another individual, New Jersey has it set up so that their auto-insurance will then be responsible for covering the costs of your medical care. But, this is not an open-ended commitment, as each person purchases a certain level of coverage to cover these costs before they then can be made responsible to pay.
New Jersey's Auto Claim Laws
New Jersey passed AICRA (Automobile Insurance Comprehensive Reform Act) in 1998, which has been guiding Personal Injury litigation in the state ever since. AICRA sets out to define the process of compensating those who have been injured due to another’s negligence, specifically in the case of automobile accidents.
When someone gets hurt, they can make a claim for compensation based on certain pre- defined criteria as laid out in the act. These include medical expenses, or as defined by the law, “reasonable and necessary expenses for treatment or services as provided by the policy, including medical, surgical, rehabilitative and diagnostic services and hospital expenses.”
New Jersey Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Policies
But, these claims are limited based on the insurance policies purchased by the drivers involved. When people in New Jersey purchase auto-insurance, they are able to choose the amount of PIP (Personal Injury Protection) coverage they want. The most “basic” PIP option limits coverage to $15,000 per person per accident. This coverage is severely limiting and can be used up by one visit to the Emergency Room when multiple tests are done. The law provides that the maximum coverage that can be purchased is $250,000.00 for medical bills. While this may not be enough to cover all expenses form an accident, it is strongly recommended that you purchase the maximum medical coverage.
Another pitfall in dealing with what type of coverage to purchase is the amount of the deductible. The standard policy provides for a deductible of $250.00 and a co-pay of 20% up to the first $5000.00 in bills. Yes, that means that you can be completely innocent in an accident and if your bills go over $5000.00, you must pay a $250.00 deductible and $1950, on the next $4750 in bills. What some insurance companies push, especially the online companies, is a higher deductible. You can buy a $2500 or even a $5000 deductible. Imagine limiting your coverage to $15, 00 and then buying a $5000 deductible! If you were in an accident and were seriously injured, you would have no coverage beyond $15,000 and be forced to pay the first $5000 of the bills as well.
Contact an Attorney
Auto Accident Attorney Monroe Township New JerseyJohn Morelli has been fighting for his clients since 1981, working within the system to ensure that they receive the best possible representation available. If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident in Monroe Township and are looking to speak to an attorney, call 856-616-1300. Dealing with injuries as a result of a car accident can be a difficult process. Even if you just have a question or concern, call today to see if an attorney is right for you.

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