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The Law Offices of John Morelli is a New Jersey Personal Injury Law Firm. We represent individuals who are injured in automobile accidents or workplace accidents; or injured by equipment or machinery; or through the negligent maintenance of property. Read More >

New Jersey Auto Accident Injury Claims
New Jersey is a "No-Fault" state. This puts the burden on an injured person to produce medical evidence from a doctor that they have suffered an injury that is permanent in nature. Read More >

Slip Fall Injury Unsafe Conditions
Dangerous conditions for slip/falls can exist in not just crumbling curbs and steps and on snowy surfaces, but in nearly any business establishment if they are not properly maintained. Read More >

Injury Medical Exam
Remember that this is an exam for the purpose of stating that you are not injured, or that if you have a condition that it is not related to your accident. If this doctor is friendly, beware. Read More >

Manufacturers of products or machinery are held responsible for any damage caused by the products that they sell and place into the stream of commerce. Read More >

If you are injured in a car accident and only have the minimum coverage under a standard insurance policy for underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage, regardless of how seriously you were injured, you will be limited to a $15,000 recovery. Read More >

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Mr. Morelli is an experienced trial attorney who has been actively appearing before juries since he was admitted to the bar in 1981.Read More >
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Personal Injury Legal Representation

        If you or a loved one has been injured, it can be a difficult and traumatic situation for all those affected. Everyone has trouble navigating the litany of legal, employment and insurance issues that may arise from such an unexpected incident. And unfortunately, the State of New Jersey has some of the most restrictive laws in regard to how auto-insurance companies are able to deny coverage and care to those who are in legitimate need, adding to the burden. That is why, with today’s complicated legal world, it is important to have an attorney fighting for you.

The Traumatic Burden of Being Injured

Being injured is a difficult situation to be in no matter who you are. Not only do you have the physical problems related to the injury, but there can be emotional struggles as well as you come to grips with your injury. Will you ever be able to function as you previously could? Who will pay for all of your medical care? And what happens if you can no longer work? These are all harrowing questions to answer, even more so if you’re on your own. That’s why, if you’ve been injured, it’s a good idea to consider a personal injury claim to express and receive compensation.

A Well Respected Approach

Personal Injury Lawyer Westmont NJFor over 30 years, as a fixture in the community, The Law Offices of John Morelli has been serving the residents of Westmont. Located near the Voorhees Town Center, we are one of South Jersey’s leading personal injury law firms.

In the last few years, our firm has been reviewed by real clients over the internet and we are proud to share the results. John Morelli currently holds a “10.0” perfect rating on Avvo for client satisfaction, being named the 2012 Client’s Choice. To see other results and reviews from real people like you, click on our “Results and Reviews” section where we have shared some experiences posted on review sites like Avvo, SuperPages and MerchantCircle.

For clients from Westmont, whether you are suffering after a car accident, a slip-and-fall, or any type of injury, we are here to help. Finding the right lawyer can be a difficult process in itself, which is why you will be comforted having one of the state’s most well respected attorneys on your side.

How an Attorney Can Help You

Personal Injury attorneys are sometimes referred to as plaintiff lawyers because of their commitment to represent plaintiffs when they have been hurt. When an attorney takes on a case, it’s imperative they research every aspect of the incident to find out the true cause of events.
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An attorney does not take on a case unless they believe their client suffered an injury due to the actions of another individual AND that those injuries can be sufficiently proven on the record. In order to accomplish this, sometimes we will hire expert witnesses and accident specialists who can look at the scene analytically and submit their professional opinion on record. Attorneys ultimately are the ones responsible for advocating their client’s cause and providing legal advice and assistance. If they decide to bring their case to trial, it’s the attorney’s job to argue on behalf of their client in front of a jury.

Helping Real People Deal With Real Problems

After being in an accident, it can seem overwhelming what to do next. With the uncertainty that follows, the activities which underpin your daily life can all be greatly affected; from lost employment opportunities, to physical pain and deformities, and even a loss in shared time with your loved ones. All of these issues can come to a head, making the situation all the more heart-breaking if it is caused by another’s negligent behavior. Personal Injury Lawyers’ jobs are not simply to go out and seek a lump sum that is plastered over the scars these incidents leave, but to help their clients get back on their feet one piece at a time.

We do not merely handle cases – we represent real people with real problems on an individual basis. If you or a loved one have been injured by the negligence of another and need assistance, contact the Law Offices of John Morelli today. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid for our services only if there is a monetary recovery of funds.

Obtain Experienced Legal Representation

At the Law Offices of John Morelli, we combine professional and personalized service so that our clients know that we care. If you or a loved one from has been injured and is seeking legal representation, call 856-616-1300 today to speak with a representative from our firm about setting up your free consultation. Alternatively, you can easily and quickly submit a case online by filling out our secure online submission form.

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